#CdnCult Times

Some supremely cool folks (Praxis Theatre’s Michael Wheeler, the NAC’s Sarah Garton Stanley, and Neworld’s own Adrienne Wong) have started up a lovely little corner of the web called the SpiderWebShow.  As they describe it:  “A theatrical space where Canada, the Internet and performance minds intersect.”  Basically, they’re the coolest kids in school.  They kindly asked me to contribute an article for their webzine #CdnCult Times.  The week’s theme was Barriers, and I’ve written about the struggle to balance career and craft as an early-career artist.  I’ve been quite touched by how many people have shared the article – the hardships of being an artist can sometimes be really isolating, even when many of your friends are in the “biz”.  I’m glad to know so many others out there feel the same way.  You can read it HERE.

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