There’s something deeply ironic about having a job that requires us to be fit, attractive and in peak physical condition, and a lifestyle that sees us capping off a long day of rehearsals with several beers and greasy pub food.  This irony is not lost on my final year class as we start to consider seeking film and television work after graduation, and facing the competitive theatre industry.  We left off the last week of classes in December with a Hanukkah party that left us too full to move and began our new semester with an afternoon at Koerners pub.  It’s time to get off the bar stool and back into shape!

We ate so many latkes. So many!

Generally, I am a disciplined person – since closing Seussical I’ve continued to warm up and stretch every day, have started eating more fruits and veggies, cutting back on caffeine.  But when it comes to exercise, I am the worst.  As my classmates sail out the door to the gym, I don’t even dignify my non-participation with an excuse – I simply don’t want to.  This needs to change!  Here at UBC we have so many options for staying fit, and I plan to tackle my extreme dislike for exercise and get in shape.  Here are a few ways my classmates and I intend to shape up this semester:

The Gym

This is how the Bird Coop makes me feel. Like a doughy, sleepy hamster running on a wheel.

UBC is host to a variety of different gyms, but our gym of choice is usually the Bird Coop.  Just a stones throw from the SUB, membership to the Bird Coop is a sweet $25 per term, afer which you can just swipe your student card and go.  While it’s insanely busy at the start of the term (gee, I wonder why) there are tons of cardio machines and every weight-lifty-thing imaginable.  The Bird Coop comes with a certain vibe though – the guys are beefy and self-assured and the ladies dress to impress even while sweating it out on the treadmill, so unless you thrive on competition it may be too intimidating.

The Pool

UBC students get free access to the Aquatics Center (again a close neighbor to the SUB).  It’s open most of the day for swimming laps, has a sauna and steam room and a small gym that is significantly less busy than the Bird Coop.  Last year we even had a ballet barre class in the pool – very cool!  Lots of the girls work out at the pool to develop long, lean muscles and avoid stress on joints.


Yoga is great exercise for stretching and strengthening muscles and much of the philosophy behind it reinforces the voice and movement work we do in class.  I would practice yoga more often if it were more affordable – I was pleased to find the classes at the UBC Rec Center are affordable and conveniently timed, so I will definitely be registering with them.  Other favorite studios include Semperviva and Moksha Yoga.

That’s my list for now – hopefully I can join my classmates in “getting jacked”, as the guys like to say.  For now, I’m curious – how do you get in shape?  Please comment if you have a favorite gym, studio, or activity that keeps you feeling great!

4 thoughts on “Discipline

  1. Middle-aged woman checking in. 🙂 Try to stay awake, folks.

    It’s natural that the amount of physical activity we’ll participate in will ebb and flow over one’s lifetime with other priorities taking, ahem, centre stage, but it’s so important! Forget the huffing and puffing and fashion show at the gym; the people I’ve always admired most are those who just get in and get ‘er done, no matter age or physical size.

    Gotta have some cardio and weight-bearing activity for your bones. Running (yes!) or walking at a good clip isn’t expensive. Get some decent shoes. Be mindful of where you run and be safe. Forget the i-Pod in places you need to be aware of your surroundings. Get a friend to ride alongside on a bike.

    If you’re going in thinking you’re going to hate it, yeah, you probably will. Keep searching until you find something you enjoy. Never thought I’d enjoy yoga, but with the right teacher and class … wow, I just love it (even though I’m not that good at it.) Change the routine from time to time. Nothing like whacking a volleyball around with friends to release some frustration! Or rent some skis or snowshoes on the weekend and enjoy the snow! Nothing refreshes like time in the trees.

    I’ll have another latke now, please.

  2. I’m going to try running this year! I ran/walked 4 times around the park near my house last night and damn near killed myself. Sighhhhh….!

  3. Yay, Jenn! Hey, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Walk-to-run is a great way to ease into it; less chance of injury. There are a lot of programs online on how to increase kilometerage in a reasonable way.

    It really does get better. When you hit a plateau, it is a wonderful thing.

    Cheering you on from over here.

  4. Someone else your mom’s age- can you stand it, kidlets?
    I will discuss exercise for the recluse/ social phobic 😉
    I buy exercise DVDs at Value Village and have compiled a great library of various disiplines- yoga, Pilates, wieght training, kick boxing, dancing etc. Never bored!
    I work out in my jammies in the basement, very first thing in the morning.

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